Find your snackable carrots

These little carrots have found new life as a special little premium product.

Do you have little things like this in your business?

Things that might have been discarded or just thrown in with something else? Package them. Label them. They might just have a life of their own as a premium product or service!


Saw these fellows at the supermarket this morning. “snackable snacking carrots. ” basically, they’re just small carrots. But Woolies have decided to do something with this, and that’s a lesson that we can learn in our business too. Let’s talk about that today.

So what are we looking at here?

I mean, they’re basically just small carrots, nothing that special about them. And this is the kind of thing that would ordinarily just get mulched or diced or end up in the bottom of a bag. I mean, what happens to them? Not much normally. But instead, we’ve got them separated out and packaged up and named and labelled separately and on the shelf separately.

And all of a sudden, instead of being kind of garbage, these guys are at a premium price. So if you think about your business whether it’s a product or service-based business, you’ll have little artefacts and leftovers like this. No doubt, whether it’s something that you produce either physically or, as I said as a service, is there anything there that you can pull out and package and label and sell at a premium price?

Just the little smaller chunk of your product or service rather than the big thing. Invariably, we have these artefacts, these bits and pieces left over that we don’t really pay that much attention to. It’s just, that often it’s a means to an end or something that happens on the way from getting from a to b.

Not exactly the case with these carrots. Obviously, they just haven’t grown up as much as they could have but have a look around. That’s my challenge for you today. Have a look around at what you’re doing, whether you’re producing a product or a service. What little baby bits of carrots are there that probably you’re not doing anything with at the moment that you can label and package and sell them at a premium?

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