Website hosting, maintenance and marketing packages

In the past, just hosting (or paying rent) was enough to keep your website online. However, a combination of more dynamically driven websites and hackers around the globe trying to access your site means that we need to be more proactive with security and software updates.

Combine that with fierce competition for the top rankings and you’ll see that looking after your website properly is not a set-and-forget proposition!


Specialised WordPress hosting for speed and security

Specialised Australian-based WordPress hosting
Nightly backups
SSL security certificate

$55 per month


Additional security focus to stay ahead of issues

Software (plugin) updates
24-hour uptime monitoring
24/7 access to video tutorials on how to edit & update your website

$110 per month


For those who want to
be more proactive

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) review
Research and publish 1 SEO optimised blog post per month, including imagery
Cross posting blog post to your Facebook Page and LinkedIn Profile

$440 per month

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