Run the maths

Advertising companies sometimes try to lock you into contracts, selling you services that you may or may not even need.

Do you really need “Google MyBusiness Management” @ $250 per month?

Do you really need “website maintenance” @ $500 per month?

(Disturbingly, these are real examples quoted to a small local business today. I wish I was joking, but the organisation that prompted this post does this all the time.)

My advice to this small business owner: Do the maths.

  • If I could give you a new customer right now, how much could you give me and it still made sense to keep doing it? (Answer in this example, $50)
  • How much do these guys want per month? ($750)
  • So in other words, they need to be directly responsible for at least 15 new customers each month for this to make sense. At least!

This then becomes your benchmark – your baseline for their performance. Make sure they know this.

And if they don’t deliver your baseline number each month, get on the phone.

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