How valuable is free strategy?

How often do you see something like “Book a free strategy session” as a call to action?

It’s something that I often notice (but then my radar is probably tuned to noticing these things) and makes me wonder:

  • Is “strategy” that worthless that you can give it away for free?
  • Do the organisations offering this place such little value on strategy? (Do they know what a strategy is?)
  • Would you trust a free strategy?
Seen a prompt like this before?

Obviously, this is a sales call, not a strategy call. So why not call it what it is?

A more effective approach to strategy

An independent strategy – one that you can lean on to help your business achieve its objectives:

  • takes time to develop – much longer than a 1-hour phone call
  • should not begin with preconceptions about tactics (ie the “things” you need to do)
  • begins with an open mind and open to all possibilities

If someone offers a strategy call free, I doubt any of these boxes are being ticked. Buyer beware.

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