Where are the people?

People don’t know or care about your business as much as you’d like them to. So it can be a mistake to assume the opposite. Take this recent email as a good example for you.

Why is this a bad email?

  • I know that this business has recently rebranded from another name (many won’t though)
  • I can’t remember what they used to be called
  • I can’t see any of the people here (which might help me join the dots and explain why I am getting this and where it came from)

Unfortunately, it’s anonymous. Aside from the fairly generic name “The Agency”, there are no other clues here. What were they previously called? Who is behind this business?

I had to click through and find their “About us” page to join the dots.

I did this because I’m a bit of a nerd where this sort of thing is concerned. Most won’t bother.

Many small business websites/emails/social media posting are a key ingredient. Something that easily differentiates you from the others.


In a largely cold, un-human, anonymous world of small business digital footprints, make sure you include the thing that makes your business unique.

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